Behind Salim al Nur at the studio
Salim al Nur at the studio, me in the background

One of the projects I am most proud of is “Al Nur”. It’s a project founded by oud player Yehuda Kamari, who took it upon himself to document the last works of his teacher, Salim Al Nur.

Ninety year old Al Nur immigrated to Israel from Iraq in the fifties, and continued his musical career here as a member of the Israeli Broadcasting Service in Arabic’s orchestra, and as a composer.Al Nur is one of the major developers of Iraqi music in the 20th century, and pioneer in composition in this rich style.

The album was recorded in 2007 with some of the best musicians in the country, such as Abraham Salman, Nassim Dakwar, Zohar Fresco, Yehuda Kamari, Mahran Mureb, Ihab Nimer and more, and including me on double bass.

A special tribute concert for the launch of the album is in the works.

Right to Left: myself, Salim Al Nur, Yehuda Kamari, Zohar Fresco, Liora Ziv Li

You can hear some of the music in the following link:

With Al Nur and Abraham Salman