Maktub is led by mandolin player Jacob Reuven, and I’ve been a member of it for about two years. We have performed in a variety of festivals worldwide, including the 2009 Jerusalem International Oud Festival, 2010 Festival Mandolines de Lunel in France and presented a master class and workshop for classical Arabic music at “The Yehudi Menuhin School” in England.

“The belief, shared by Jacob Reuven, Elias Wakileh, Hagai Bilitzky and Hillel Amsallem that music can bridge different cultures and religions, which is of great importance in the complicated situation of Israel, was one of the foundation stones upon which Maktub Ensemble was formed. The ensemble was founded in 2000 aiming at the performance of Classical Arabic repertoire, virtuoso masterpieces of Turkish and Egyptian origins and more. It’s members are leading Jewish and Arab musicians and the concerts provide a real classical Arabic experience thus introducing to the audience repertoire rarely performed.”

[youtube BoQIFmUek9g]

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Review by Pamela Hickman