BTAB.T.A (Bilitzky – Talmudi – Amsallem) is a trio that has been operating for about four years. It was founded with the goal of combining everything that makes people happy and keeps them dancing in Jewish music, from both the west and east.

Since then, we’ve been making the people of Jerusalem market on Sundays every summer at Café Mizrahi and other places. You can hear some of our demo recording on our myspace page:


“Imagine an eclectic intergalactic fest combining some of the most powerful musical traditions around the globe and beyond…”

Among else, the music contains Klezmer, Balkan, Arabian an African influences to its various kinds with an up to date, honest and joyful attitude. B.T.A also plays their own compositions in the spirit of the Middle East with special Jerusalem vibe.

The members of the trio, arriving from different cultural and musical backgrounds, adding dance rhythms, curved melodies and virtuoso improvisation into the melting pot. a spiced up local stow of fresh, spectacular old-new sounding music.