Classical Arabic Music Primary Terms

Here are a few Important Primary terms of classical Arabic music. This list is taken from my yet unpublished paper "Introduction to Playing the Double Bass as a Solo Instrument in Arabic Music" by Hagai Bilitzky: Arabic note names Note names in Arabic music theory are rooted in a period when the Persian and Arabic traditions were interconnected. Therefore, ...

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Upcoming shows

I don't usually do that, but this time its very exciting for me: I have two concerts with Oud master Simon Shaheen, on the 20.11,10 in Haifa, and on the 21.11.10 in Nazareth. Two concerts coming up with the great Algerian pianist Maurice el Medioni- on the 16.12.2010 in Jerusalem, and on the 21.12.2010 in Ra'anana. I know ...

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“Soon to come” post

The next series of posts will be dedicated to the question "what made the double bass get accepted into the music of the Middle East"? I will first present the background of Classical Arabic music, which will make this question even more interesting, as we shall see this music does not 'need' it, and was doing pretty ...

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Fuad Abbas

Umm Kulthum, “the star of the east”, had enormous influence on
the entire Arab world, and is considered the greatest traditional
Arab singer. She is known to have described the double bass as the
heart of the music.

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