The Big Question

Whether it is by email or in person from my own students, and so many times from players after every workshop I conduct, I get a lot of questions about playing the double bass in the music of the Middle East.

I try to have all the answers here on this website open for everyone, and this is why I want to address one of the most common questions of all: WHERE CAN I LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC?

Well, the obvious answer is of course: Youtube!

The ‘related videos’ function is very powerful, so in most cases all we need is a good starting point. This is why I put together a page with a few musical choices, great for getting to know the music of theMiddle Eastand classical Arabic music.

This page was made just before my presentation at the last International Society of Bassists convention, and that’s why it is called ISB, or:

This is a great opportunity to say happy birthday to the founder of this beautiful organization maestro Gary Karr, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Here is one clip that is not on that page, shot with a hand-held camera at a concert by Simon Shaheen with me on bass, and a great orchestra featuring Kamil Shajrawi, and many others. Lots of classical Arabic ever-greens on this one:


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