Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?

Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?

My teacher Dr. Michael Klinghoffer has published his double bass method book- the method by which I was taught, and it includes all the great tricks and tips that have made his students such great musicians.

His method draws its inspiration from his teacher maestro Gary Karr, and it takes the double bass student from the beginning on a safe road to mastery of the instrument.

This is, of course, a “western” method, but it is so universal and true for all double bass playing, that it is in fact the basis of what I do in playing the music of the Middle East too.

Dr. Klinghoffer taught generations of double bass players in Israel, including the renowned jazz bass players Avishay Cohen, Omer Avital and many more. I was lucky to have Dr. Klinghoffer as my teacher right from the beginning, and the ideas so beautifully described in his book are what made me the musician I am.

I know this book will also be a very powerful tool for me in teaching students how to approach the instrument in an easy, well structured way.

Maestro Gary Karr wrote a very interesting preface to it, and here’s what he says about this book:

“What Michael Klinghoffer has accomplished in bringing clarity to his ‘revolutionary’ method, “Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?“, is so brilliant, so clever and so comprehensible that I am thrilled to recommend it to all serious students of my instrument.”

I strongly recommend checking it out!

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