Study Abroad at the JAMD’s Oriental Music Division

Jerusalem Sounds – a new program for studying abroad in Israel:

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) and The Hebrew University Jerusalem (HUJI) announced a new program called Jerusalem Sounds, in which students from all U.S.A. colleges and universities, as well as most European ones, can study a semester or a full year abroad for credit.

Back to the matter in hand – bassists in any college or university can now study at the JAMD’s Eastern department for credit in their own musical studies. JAMD’s Oriental Music Division is the best place to get academic Middle Eastern music education, and the only place in the world this music is taught in a professional structured way by the masters of this music.

The Oriental Music Division of the JAMD is where I studied for my masters degree and where I teach today.

See more about the division here:, and about the Jerusalem Sounds program here:

Note that information on the website is not specifically regarding the Oriental Division, but the program can be taken with oriental studies at JAMD. Feel free to ask me anything you can’t find on the JAMD website.


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2 Responses to Study Abroad at the JAMD’s Oriental Music Division

  1. james says:

    good day sir/madam i a m uchenwanne james i m here by to ask for requiment for international studiend thanks please i m waiting for your respund

    • Hello James,

      Thank you for contacting me about studying abroad at the JAMD oriental division.

      If you are interested in studying Middle Eastern double bass in Jerusalem you can send your Bio data- (your age, education, how long have you been playing the double bass) to me and I will be happy to get in touch with you and offer any additional help.

      Best regards,

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