About Me

“Hagai Bilitzky, double bass, combines new performance techniques with the display of authentic musical traditions. After years of studying the instrument under the direction of Dr. Michael Klinghoffer at the String Dept. of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (J.A.M.D.), Jerusalem, Hagai became familiar with professional Jazz Bass playing and relocated to New York City for a period of 3 years. Upon his return to Israel he became a specialist in classical Arabic music and the music of the Middle East. He returned to the Rubin Academy and completed a Masters Degree with honors under the supervision of Prof. Taisir Elias. His unique approach combining modern techniques and old performance traditions molded him into an innovative creative musician with a one-of-a-kind musical voice.”

In addition to his work as a performing artist Hagai also teaches the playing technique he devised, and presents workshops for bass players and players of other instruments who are looking to enter the world of Middle Eastern music.

Hagai teaches double bass at the Eastern Department of the Jerusalem Academy of  Music and Dance (J.A.M.D.) and at the Jazz department of the J.A.M.D. conservatory. He has also served as an assistant professor for music theory studies and ear training.

Hagai has recorded and performed over the years with senior international and Israeli acclaimed artists on the Arabic and Jazz music scenes. In addition he is a working member of numerous musical ensembles performing Classical and Modern Arabic Music. He is a member of Algerian Pianist Maurice el-Madioni’s Trio and performs with acclaimed Ladino Vocalist Yasmine Levy. Hagai has recorded with artists such as Abraham Salman, Nassim Daqwar, Kirk Lightsey, Zohar Fresco and many more.